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Bioresonance therapy and diagnostics


Gentle diagnostics and therapy in one

Bioresonance therapy is one of the “biophysical therapies”. With the help of special devices, they record certain electromagnetic processes in the body and assume that malfunctions of the organism can be recognized by changed vibration patterns, etc.


These information patterns are converted by the bioresonance device into therapeutic healing frequencies and returned to the body via magnetic field electrodes to support healing and harmonization.

The bioresonance method is both a diagnostic procedure and a therapeutic procedure. It is ideal for getting an overview of the patient's overall condition.

Once diagnosed, it is used as a therapeutic method for chronic diseases.

Main areas of application of bioresonance:
•    Allergies
•    Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis
•    Migraines
•    Smoking cessation
•    Rheumatism
•    chronic pain
•    unclear viral diseases
•    Fungal infections

After extensive bioresonance testing, the individual stresses are treated completely painlessly with the help of a bioresonance magnetic modulation mat. That's why this therapy is suitable
especially for children.


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